Chances are that at some point your users will want to select an option from a list, but what if that list is really long? Scrolling endlessly would make no sense since it would offer a bad user experience, potentially turning your users away from your app. Filters can provide an answer for showing smaller lists, but what about searching?

At this time, there is no default UI component for searching a list in a Mendix Native Mobile App, unlike the search functionality you can find in the listviews or datagrids of Mendix browser applications. Luckily enough, it’s really easy to build your own custom search functionality, using only default Mendix components.

Native Android and iOS apps use an SQLite database, which is a relational database that offers full offline capability and has been used since the beginning of smartphones. This is the database that we will need to perform our search on and we can do it using X-Path.

I would like to take a moment to have a look at something that seems to get overlooked a lot. In fact, chances are that once you go looking for it, you will find them everywhere, like mushrooms in an autumn forest.

“The unused Microflow Parameter”

First of all, what am I talking about here? According to the Mendix documentation, “A parameter is a special kind of variable that is used as an input for the microflow. When a microflow is triggered, the parameters are filled with the current values.”

Mendix generates microflow parameters automatically when you create a new…

As a moderate football-lover, I was reluctant to dive deep into the sea of information that engulfs the average spectator during the six week period of the world cup.

I decided to spend a sunday afternoon building my own hybrid app that would allow me to stay up-to-date with only the information that I needed: Fixture dates, daily schedules, result scores and a possibility to add these into my phone’s calendar. Mendix enabled me to do all this!

First I went searching for an API that I could use, and found one that would let me request 50 updates per…

Lennart Spaans

Certified Mendix Expert at Ordina Digital Services and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

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